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Monday, June 26, 9-11pm
SPECIAL: THE NEW CLASS WAR IN AMERICA The first broadcast of a panel event jointly hosted by WBAI and the NY Society for Ethical Culture on June 13, 2006, on the topic that dare not speak its name, "The New Class War in America." It featured Paul Krugman,economist and Op-Ed Columnist of The New York Times; Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!, Greg Palast, investigative reporter and author of the new book, "Armed Madhouse: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Class War"; and Randi Rhodes of Air America's "The Randi Rhodes Show." With questions from the audience that filled to overflow the NYSEC auditorium that night. Edited for WBAI by Christopher Zguris.

  Monday, June 19, 9-11PM
A WAR AND PEACE SPECIAL From the Pacifica Archives this newly re-constituted homage to "The War and Peace Broadcast, 35 Years Later." On December 6, 1970, during the height of the Vietnam War, more than 170 people from all walks of life came together to read from one of the great novels of all time. Nearly five days later, the legendary actor Morris Carnovsky read the famous last words to Leo Tolstoy's "War and Peace," ending what was at the time, the longest continuous broadcast in radio history. Bookstore shelves were emptied of the title as listeners read along with the enormous cast. The radio station was WBAI. The program was produced, written and edited by Christopher Sprinkle with Technical Direction by Mark Torres.
Left: detail of a 19th century portrait of Tolstoy by Ivan Kramskoi
Monday, April 17, 9-11pm
Broadcast of "BOOK TALK WITH CARIBBEAN WRITERS"Jamaican-American novelist Colin Channer hosts this broadcast of the panel he co-hosted with Trinidadian-American novelist Elizabeth Nunez on March 20, 2006 at the N.Y. Society for Ethical Culture, as a special project of the WBAI Arts Department. The other panelists include Marys Conde (Guadaloupe), Esther Phillips (Barbados), and Christopher John Farley(Jamaica). Following the broadcast, Channer will take listener calls.
Gore Vidal CD & book Fundraising Special
Mike Feder's Show with Janet & David as guest hosts
Mike Feder's Show with Janet & David as guest hosts
Mike Feder's Show with Janet & David as guest hosts: "What got you high as a child?"
Mike Feder's Show with Janet & David as guest hosts. Christmas Coup Comedy Players (CCCP) & "Truth & Justice" retrospective of Bush impersonations.

Improvise This
How Being Quick on Your Feet Can Land you a Job

Janet Coleman & improv comedy, Christmas Coup Comedy Players (CCCP).

Janet Coleman hosts special 2-hour bylaws/governance programming prepared by the Governance Radio Subcommittee of the WBAI Bylaws Committee. First Hour (3pm): Guests Carol Spooner, Rob Robinson and Dave Fertig discuss 3 major governance models. Second Hour (4pm):  Listener phone calls.
Mike Feder's Show with Janet & David as guest hosts - bylaws/governance program with guests Mike Beasley, Marcia Newfield, Andy Norris
Mike Feder's Show with Janet & David as guest hosts
August 4, 2002 Mike Feder's Show with Janet & David as guest hosts
June 23, 2002 Mike Feder's Show with Janet & David as guest hosts
April 11, 2002 Robert Knight's Earthwatch show with guest host John McDonagh, David and Janet and phone calls including some from the CCCP
March 1, 2002 Mike Feder's Show with David and Janet on Satire and Bad taste
February 1, 2002 Mike Feder's Show with Janet & David as guest hosts
January 26, 2002 Cat Radio Saturday Special
December 22, 2001 Christmas Coup Special - Christmas Coup Comedy Players (CCCP)